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    1. Chat support suite

      Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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      Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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      Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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      Plugins & Integrations
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      Agent Handbook
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      Agent Test
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      Omnichannel call center software

      Respond to customers on channels they prefer using

      Live chat

      Versatile live chat system, adaptive to any workflow and any volume. Innovative with numerous patents in the space.
      HIPAA and PCI compliant, financial grade security allowing collection of private information including credit card numbers directly in chat
      Real-time agent monitoring and coaching (?Whisper technology)
      Automatic language translation allowing agents to chat in any language
      Support unlimited brands, ?Integrated customer surveys, ?Integrates with any CRM, ?Targeted customer engagement, ?Customer satisfaction scorecard, ?Exportable dynamic enterprise level reports, ?Skill based routing and queuing, ?Agent permissions and restrictions, ?File transfer, ?Automated tagging, Chat sentiment analysis and so much more!

      SMS - Text

      Support customers who like to text! We will text-enable any landline number your customers already use to call you.
      Include "text us" labels on shipped products to decrease returns. So many possibilities!

      Email - Support Ticket

      Unified mailbox. Emails are instantly converted into support tickets, automatically routed to the correct skill and escalated if needed.
      See the contact history for every customer, collaborate with team members to provide the most viable resolution to each email inquiry.

      Social Media

      Effortless support of inquiries submitted on your business Facebook or Twitter pages.
      Facebook messenger is beutifully integrated with the platform.


      SalesForce, HubSpot, Slack, MailChimp, Zoom.us, Join.me, GetResponse just to name the few.

      Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.